Monday, August 3, 2015

Bryan SC3

  • Chapter 7: How should the sprint retrospective work?  What questions should you ask?  Who should participate?  What should you do with the result?

The sprint retrospective should work by having everyone who was working in the sprint tell about what they got done and how they did it. They should be able to confidently tell us how they completed the task and how long it took as well as telling us how we could have them work more efficiently. What we should do with the result is to look at it and figure out how we can become a more efficient team.

  • Chapter 7: How does our team do a good job of supporting autonomy, mastery, and purpose for each person?  Where does it fall short?

Well, as a team we have started becoming student led. We have been doing well at allowing everyone to do any task that they want. Now, we didn't always have people work on prioritized things. We had some people at specific points work on only filler jobs and not high-priority jobs. 

  • Chapter 7: How does our team do a good job of being transparent?  Where is it opaque and unclear in its workings?  Be honest.

Our team does a good job of organizing our tasks. We have a board in Pethan's room that tells what tasks are being done and by whom. It also tells everyone how far they are with the completion of that task. There is a problem though, Pethan's room is really out of the way and I have had experiences where I am running down to Pethan's room to only find that the person I needed to talk too had just left the room. All in all, we are very transparent for the most part.

  • Chapter 8: A product owner needs to be knowledgeable about the domain, empowered to make decisions, available to the team, and accountable for value.  What specifically are we looking for in a product owner for a FRC team?  Do we need more than one?

We are looking at the exact same values for an FRC product owner. We need one that is knowledgeable, empowered to make decisions, available to the team, and accountable for value. I personally think that theoretically we don't need more than one, but we will most likely need a maximum of 2.

  • Chapter 8: "Prioritizing everything is prioritizing nothing."  What do you think are the five highest priority items for our FRC team?  Put them in order 1-5.

1. Having a functional robot
2. Having an understanding of the game
3. Having an understanding of the robot
4. Getting sponsors
5. Having solid organization


I have learned about transparency, autonomy and how scrum works. It has really given me a solid understanding of how our team will be working in the next few years.


  1. I definitely agree on how Pethan's room is really out of the way. This next year, assuming we are using the same space, we need to make sure everything is a lot closer together.

    1. I'm not sure how we could make everything work closer together; I feel the root of the problem is finding people in the huge building, but programmers and media don't want to work to the sound of drills and hammers so there is always going to be a degree of separation.
      P.S. the above is only true if we don't know how to soundproof rooms

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  2. I think we may want to prioritize understanding the game and organizing before a functional robot. These are all things that are needed to get done but we could create a better robot if we completed the aforementioned tasks beforehand and alongside creating a functional bot. I could be wrong, but that seems logical to me.