Tuesday, August 11, 2015

SL1 Bryan

  • Chapter 1: Explain the differences between leaders and managers.  Would product owners and scrum masters be leaders, managers, both, or neither?

Leaders are people that can make others work willingly. Managers are people who can manage the team and organize things. Scrum masters would be like leaders because they are leading the team and product owners would be managers.

  • Chapter 1: Hunter says that leadership is a skill, not something many are born with.  Do you actually believe this?  Have you always believed this?  What evidence have you seen in your life to back up your response?

I believe that it can be a skill or can be something you are born with. I think this way because I have seen leaders since I was a child and I have seen people become leaders through work and effort so that they can become the best leader that they can be.

  • Chapter 1: The word "influence" comes up dozens of times in the first chapter.  Why does Hunter keep talking about it?

Hunter keeps talking about influence because it is critical to have to become a leader. I you can't influence how can you do your job as a leader?  If you can't influence people how can you get people to work?

  • Chapter 2: In what places in your life have you earned authority?  How did you get it?

I have earned authority only a few times in my life, but I got it due to respect and trust. Now, I may not be the most respectable person or trustworthy, but when I need to be authoritative I will take charge.

  • Chapter 3: Hunter lists a number of history's greatest servant leaders: Jesus, Ghandi, MLK, and many more.  Name one person who has earned authority over you because of their service in your life.  Give a few concrete examples of what they do that earns them authority over you.

My mother has earned authority over me because she brought me into this world. That is really only the only real reason, but it is a pretty good reason.


Leaders are people who need to be able to make others work. They need to be responsible and able to work, themselves. Leaders can be born and can be trained.

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  1. While I agree that a Scrum Master needs to be more of a leader and a product owner might find managerial skills useful, wouldn't they both need a little bit of the other side. An SM needs to be able to manage as well as lead meetings and a product owner needs to convince everyone that they are working towards a common goal in an efficient way (Leadership).