Friday, August 28, 2015

SL3 Bryan

  • Chapter 8: What is the coach's role in developing leadership capacity in the team?  A mentor's role?  A student's role?

The coach's role is to help us learn to become leaders and to make courses for the team to become better at leading. A mentor's role is to guide the students and help them become the best leaders they can. A student's role is to guide other students and help them learn and build the robot successfully.

  • Chapter 8: Hunter lists three key steps for ongoing change: foundation, feedback, and friction.  In our FRC team, who sets the foundation?  Who provides the feedback and how?  Who provides the friction and how?

In our FRC team many people set the foundation like our founding students, our coach, and our mentors. Mostly, the students provide feedback by telling other students, or mentors, or even our coach about problems that should be faced and how we need to fix them. Anyone can provide friction by complaining or being upfront about a problem.

  • Chapter 9: What are the satisfiers that get people to show up to robotics and exert at least minimum effort?  What are the specific motivators that push some students to work very hard for the team beyond simply being present?

The satisfiers could be food, fun, or even just hanging out with friends. The motivators are the things like scholarships and even just just having a complete robot that can beat other teams in the tasks it was designed to do.

  • Chapter 9: How much "hunger for excellence" do you think we have as a team?  In your view, are we shooting to be the best or trying to just be mediocre?

I think that we have a good amount of hunger, but we just have a good amount. Nothing too extraordinary we just want to win. I feel like we are just trying to be mediocre, I mean like we try but I feel like we don't go as hard as we can to win.

  • Chapter 9: What will you do this year to help us build community in our FRC team?

I will try to help anyone who needs it and will do my best to help other sub-teams. I think, that if we all pitch in to other sub-teams we will be able to build a fantastic robot.


I learned about how everything is interdependent on each other for learning and for leading. I also learned that we need to become more excited in order to become the best we can be and we have to shoot for the moon.

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  1. 'I think, that if we all pitch in to other sub-teams we will be able to build a fantastic robot.' So you think we should all be multi-skilled workers instead of specialized workers?