Monday, August 3, 2015

Nate SC3

Chapter 7: How does our team do a good job of supporting autonomy, mastery, and purpose for each person?  Where does it fall short?
We are okay at getting in and getting to work.  We have people who are now very good at certain team functions and have their purpose.  The problem is we are not always letting everyone try things and find their purpose.

Chapter 7: How does our team do a good job of being transparent?  Where is it opaque and unclear in its workings?  Be honest.
Our team is good at being transparent because we tell Pethan what we are doing, whether it is a good or bad idea.  Though sometimes we tell him after we try and break something.  We also have a problem of not allowing ourselves to see when we should work and when we should take a break.  We had many problems of being unfocused during crunch time, or we tried to go too long when we had time to slow down and take a break to clear out minds.

Chapter 8: A product owner needs to be knowledgeable about the domain, empowered to make decisions, available to the team, and accountable for value.  What specifically are we looking for in a product owner for a FRC team?  Do we need more than one?
We would need someone who can stay focused for extended periods, able to work with everyone, well organized, and can keep themselves updated with what is going on.  We could use a couple people to do this (maybe 2-3) because it is difficult for people to always be there, so that job could be done with shifts as long as we had a system to keep all of them informed on what happens.

Chapter 8: "Prioritizing everything is prioritizing nothing."  What do you think are the five highest priority items for our FRC team?  Put them in order 1-5.
1.  Getting people to join-We rely on the interest of students and adults to join the team and build it up.
2.  Finding a place for people-It is best for us to retain team members and allow them to get good at things and try many aspects of the team.
3.  Communication-When we work as a team and collaborate efficiently, we can produce a better robot.
4.  Money-We need money to support the purpose of out team, to build a robot.
5.  Building the robot-This is the point of FRC, but the other priorities are necessary for this to happen.

Chapter 9: Summarize one story from Chapter 9 and explain why it gets you excited about using a proper implementation of scrum with our FRC team.
In the Uganda story, scrum was used to improve the lives of impoverished farm workers.  They tracked selling prices and used technology to keep plants healthy.  This increased both the yields and earnings of the food.  This get me excited because it shows how quickly the scrum method can improve situations.

End with a summary of what you learned.
In this section I learned about implementing the scrum method.  It shows the necessary parts that have to be there in order to work.  Also, the last chapter proved that this method does work in many scenarios, so this method can greatly improve our team.


  1. I have to agree on how we don't use our time very effectively. It is part of the reason why we have to meet so often.

  2. I agree with Braxton and you with how we do not use our time efficiently.