Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dan SC2

  • Chapter 4: Sutherland required his first scrum team to throw out all titles.  Why?  Where (inside and outside FRC) have you seen titles get in the way of getting things done?  Where can titles be a positive thing on a team? 
Titles create less ocmmunication saturation, because of the specialization, titles make people feel that they are above doing a task that isn't in their scope of the title.  Titles can be a positive thing on resumes and other applications for applying to a job or college.
  • Chapter 4: The daily scrum should be "closer to a football huddle [than individuals reporting out]".  Explain why.  
It is just to get people unblocked in what is stopping them from their task and to make sure progress as a team is being made

  • Chapter 5: Why is multitasking wasteful?  When in your own life do you refuse to multitask and just focus on a single task?
Multitasking is wasteful because of how your brain functions, it generally can only work effectively at one thing at a time, and it takes your brain time to switch gears between tasks if you are multitasking.  In my own life I refuse to multitask when driving (Mainly regarding my phone, turning the radio up or down is different), I don't feel like I can drive safely if I have a phone pinned between my cheek and neck or texting looking away from the road for multiple seconds at a time.  

  • Chapter 5: We're used to the idea of a hero working extra hard to save the day.  Why does Sutherland hate on the hero?
If you need a hero to get things done your planning failed.

  • Chapter 6: An phrase popularized by Eisenhower says "the plan is worthless, but planning is everything".  Explain this in the context of the chapter.
You should only plan what you need to, enough to keep working but not too far in advance, as a year long plan won't remain accurate and applicable. 

  • End with a summary of what you learned.
Overall I learned that less is more sometimes to the amount of hours you contribute, and that multitasking is even more of a waste of time than I already thought it was.  

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  1. I agree that you should only plan what you need to, instead of do more than needed.