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Intro: Skip to the last page of the intro.  There are three questions.  The author suggests that if your answer is no to the questions, continuing is a waste of time.  If your answer is yes to each, please also explain WHY you are willing to go through this pain, because it will be painful if you want to truly be a better leader.
Answer:1.Yes, because if I need to change to be able to lead people I am willing too. Because when being a leader you have to sometimes make hard decides. But I want to be a better leader because I will help give me a chance to get more confidence or things and it will help people who I am leading to maybe one day be leaders too.
2.Yes, I think my ego can handle receiving feedback even though it can be painful. I am willing to go through this pain because I don't want others to feel it and I want to be the one to have to deal with it. I would do it because if it would make me a better leader then I will do it.
3. Yes, because if it all works something could be good of the out come but you will not know so it would be best to think that it will not end well. I would be willing to do it to close the gaps that are around and that need to be closed so thing can either move on and get better or it they don't get closed then they might get worse.
Chapter 1: The word "influence" comes up dozens of times in the first chapter.  Why does Hunter keep talking about it?
Answer:He keeps talking about it because you are influence by each person you see or meet everyday that. Overtime you start to get what they are doing and then you are too influencing others. It can be anything it could be just showing someone how to do something to saying things to a child to help them learn.

Chapter 2: In what places in your life have you earned authority?  How did you get it?
Answer:I have earned authority to do things that I would like to do. How I got it was when I got old enough I was allowed to do it. But I do know but haven't had one yet but a job. Over time you can earn authority by do good at your job but while doing that you don't do stuff you should do.

Chapter 2: What is a legitimate use of power by the leaders of a FRC team?  How often should this be used?
Answer:They should have enough power to do a few things but not enough for them to want to make them to abuse there power. I think it showed used when it needs to be.

Chapter 3: Hunter says that serving others is a choice.  Share a time where you made the choice to serve yourself as a leader and a time where you chose to serve others in your leadership role.  How did each work out?  How did each feel?
Answer:When doing projects it can very from each person but one project in history I was following the instructions of the person who decided that they would lead this group. I think that it worked out fine because they would of been a better leader than I think me because there are time that I am confidence enough to take charge but it happens that their are others that will do it.
Another project that I did someone first decided that they would like to lead it and I was ok with it but then over time they started asking me thing about what they should do or something like that so then I became the leader of the group without trying too. What might of caused to change for me to be the leader because I did come up with and idea for the project and they did like it. I think it worked out pretty good. How each felt I think is that they might of been ok with it because no one told me anything about me leading. But what might of been hard for them was when we were going to present something happened to me(nothing serious) and they got all confused and they keep coming into the room I was in to ask me some questions that they didn't know what do to.

I think this book will help me figure out how to be a better leader and to help get the confidence that I really need. Even though it is just the first few chapters I have learned a few things that could help with leading others.

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