Servant Leadership: Chapters 8-9

The last two chapters are all about implementing what you know.  The concepts to implement were introduced in the earlier chapters, but you have likely known them your entire life.  Taking action through conscious choice is the challenging part.  As Jeff Sutherland said in the Scrum book, "Do you want to suck forever?"  Taking this no-excuse approach to self-improvement is necessary to make meaningful changes.

Copy and paste the most interesting five questions below into a new blog post (at least one per chapter).  As you read the second three chapters, write your response to each question below the question.  At the bottom of the post, summarize what you learned.  Tag the post with "SL2".  During the commenting days, write a comment on two other people's posts.

  • Chapter 8: What is emotional intelligence (EI)?  In what ways are you strongest in EI?  How do you get EI "smarter"?
  • Chapter 8: What is the coach's role in developing leadership capacity in the team?  A mentor's role?  A student's role?
  • Chapter 8: Hunter lists three key steps for ongoing change: foundation, feedback, and friction.  In our FRC team, who sets the foundation?  Who provides the feedback and how?  Who provides the friction and how?
  • Chapter 8: Continuous improvement is back, but this time about you personally.  Describe a CI loop that would lead to measurable, lasting improvement in your leadership.
  • Chapter 9: What are the satisfiers that get people to show up to robotics and exert at least minimum effort?  What are the specific motivators that push some students to work very hard for the team beyond simply being present?
  • Chapter 9: We, which includes you, are the leadership core of the team.  This may mean we serve as product owners and scrum masters.  However, it means that we serve as caretakers of our team's greatest assets -- our people.  What kinds of questions will you ask in conversation with your teammates to enable you to understand their needs and serve them?
  • Chapter 9: How much "hunger for excellence" do you think we have as a team?  In your view, are we shooting to be the best or trying to just be mediocre?
  • Chapter 9: What will you do this year to help us build community in our FRC team?
  • *Chapter 9: There is a list of summary bullet points on the last page.  Choose one that you think is most relevant to our team and talk about it.
  • End with a summary of what you learned.

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