Sunday, August 16, 2015

SL2 Aren

  • Chapter 4: Describe the difference between love, the feelings, and love, the choice.
The feeling of love is liking someone, but the choice of love is striving to make someone the best person they can be whether you like them or not.

  • Chapter 7: Elizabeth said "My older friends are like they were 30 years ago, only more so".  As a high school student, what implications does this have for you?  OR As a mentor, how have your past choices built good and bad habits in your life?
This means we should try our best to remove bad habits and replace them with good habits.  So in 30 years we will be even better people.

  • Chapter 5: "Love without discipline is not love at all."  Provide some insight into that statement.
The book defines love as being willing "to be attentive to the legitimate needs, best interests, and welfare of another".  This means if you truly love someone and have their best interests at heart you want them to be their best.  So you use discipline to make sure they keep striving for perfection.

  • Chapter 7: What is the difference between character and personality?  Why is it relevant to leadership?
Character is your core values and who you are.  Personality is how you show those qualities to others.  This is important to leadership because if you want to build influence you need to have good character and show it with the correct style(personality).  Even if your the nicest person ever if you have the wrong style you wont gain influence.

  • Chapter 5: This chapter talks a lot about "empathetic listening".  Explain in your own words what the means and why it is so important.
I think when you practice empathetic listening you devote every ounce of your attention to what the person is saying and then to remembering it.  This is important because the people you lead always have extremely valuable information to share with you.  Also this shows you care about them and it makes them feel useful.

I learned the traits of a great leader and how to build influence by listening.  Also you should separate behavior from people by instead of saying your lazy, say you need to help more.  They can fix needing to help more,

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