Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Nate SL3

Chapter 8: Continuous improvement is back, but this time about you personally.  Describe a CI loop that would lead to measurable, lasting improvement in your leadership.
Assert, Inform, Reflect, Adjust.  Assert-let people know that I am there as a leader and to help.  Inform-tell them what needs to be done and help them along with any tasks.  Reflect-once things are finished up ask those I led how things went, where we are, and what I can do better for them as a leader.  Fix any mistakes I made leading.

Chapter 9: What are the satisfiers that get people to show up to robotics and exert at least minimum effort?  What are the specific motivators that push some students to work very hard for the team beyond simply being present?
For minimum effort we give them something to do and giving them food for showing up.  For maximum effort we allow them to get involved in something they enjoy and take pride in doing it well.

Chapter 9: We, which includes you, are the leadership core of the team.  This may mean we serve as product owners and scrum masters.  However, it means that we serve as caretakers of our team's greatest assets -- our people.  What kinds of questions will you ask in conversation with your teammates to enable you to understand their needs and serve them?
One question: what can I do better as a leader?

Chapter 9: How much "hunger for excellence" do you think we have as a team?  In your view, are we shooting to be the best or trying to just be mediocre?
We have the hunger down, but it is more for food than excellence.  All jokes aside I think we dream of excellence, but we are not all dedicated enough to be excellent.  If we want to improve we need people to show more passion and pride in what they do.

Chapter 9: What will you do this year to help us build community in our FRC team?
I will do my best to motivate my teammates to improve in all aspects of our team, from communication to fabrication, everything needs to be improved for us to be successful.

End with a summary of what you learned.
I learned how to apply these strategies into our team.  This will allow for us leaders to improve our whole team and become very competitive.

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  1. I'm excited for you to take on a more formal role as a team leader this year. The big thing to remember is that effective leadership will come bottom-up -- by clarifying that you are available and ready to serve, not that you are in charge. We offer influence to those to help but avoid those who direct. On the flip side, it will be important to find a purposeful scrum role where you can help organize others to be as productive as they can be. This whole process of changing our management will be a journey and won't magically work in a day, but I think you will be able to be a very helpful person in making this process work for us.