Summer Course Home

This summer course is designed to prepare robotics students to be effective leaders of an amazing team.  The three books and their associated posts revolve around the goals of an entrepreneurial team, a management approach that can help us maximize team productivity, and a personal approach to leadership that puts others first.

There are nine weeks of readings, and each week has five questions, a summary response, and time to comment on each others posts.  By hosting the course online, we are more able to work around busy summer schedules and can give every student and mentor space to post their own thoughts without time constraints or interruptions.

The comments help us spread our discussion across the team and allow us to reflect on each other's perspectives.  They should be substantial thoughts (not "me too" or "I disagree") in order to further the discussion.  Do not be afraid to disagree with your teammates, but always do so respectfully and with a defense of your opinion.  You are expected to comment at least twice each week.

  • First week kicks off Thursday, June 18th
  • Read the book and make your post between Thursday-Monday night each week.
  • Comment on each other's posts Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Restart the next cycle on Thursday.

  • All participants are expected to fully answer the questions and summarize their learning in each post.
  • Timeliness is important -- late posts cannot be commented on and thus are left out of the discussion.
  • Comments need to be on time, thoughtful, and respectful.  Make two or more each week.
  • Students who complete all sections in a timely manner will be asked to serve on the leadership team this season.  Specific roles will be worked out by this group, but will likely be flexible.  There will be no leadership elections this season.

Making a Post:
  • Go to and login with the Google account you accepted the initial invitation with.
  • Click on the orange pencil next to "Robotics Leadership Academy" to create a new post.
  • Add the week's tag by going to labels on the right and typing it in (such as "LS1").
  • You can save your draft as long as you like, but when finished, click "Publish".

Weekly Reading and Response Assignments:

  1. Lean Startup (Intro-Chapter 4)
  2. Lean Startup (Chapters 5-8)
  3. Lean Startup (Chapters 9-11)
  4. Scrum (Chapters 1-3)
  5. Scrum (Chapters 4-6)
  6. Scrum (Chapters 7-9)
  7. Servant Leader (Intro-Chapter 3)
  8. Servant Leader (Chapters 4, 5, 7)
  9. Servant Leader (Chapters 8-9)
After the course, all participants who complete all the reading, posts, and comments will come together in a leadership summit.  We will set a basic roadmap for the year and a process for agreeing upon team norms, roles, and goals (formalized in a social contract).  We will also establish a plan to teach all new and existing team members how scrum teams will function within our FRC organization.